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Here at barking mad prints we can supply a number of different substrates for signs to be printed onto; corflute, aluminum composite panel, Colorbond steel panels, magnetic rubber and A-Frames.

We will help you throughout the whole process, from designing what you would like on the sign, choosing colours, the correct substrate, building the sign frame and also installation.


We offer a range of different sticker film, from solid colours to printable film. 

- High performance solid colour film comes in 90 different colours, with black/white available in matt.

- Translucent backlit series made for lightboxes comes in 16 colours, plus block out white/black.

- Window etch film comes in a silver etch, white sparkle etch and a frosted glass look. This film provides privacy without reducing luminosity and can have graphics cut into it to create a stylish window design.

- Class 2 reflective film comes in 4 solid colours and also a printable film so your logo can stand out. 

- High performance digital print film is suitable for all long-term applications on flat or slightly curved surfaces, and comes in either a matt or gloss laminate finish to protect it from the elements, and to allow for easy cleaning. 

There is many other films we can source, including applications onto speciality surfaces, such as brick, concrete, and carpet. Let us know what you are after and we will find the best film to suit the job. 

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